Investigators and analysts are often faced with analyzing Facebook groups, pages or profiles with a large following or a lot of content (posts, photos, etc.). This task can be described as pattern analysis of followers, or page content search by keyword or target person. But what do you do if you have a thousand posts to analyze?

Manually, that can take a considerable amount of time an effort. With Maltego,
it becomes much faster and easier, since Maltego gathers and visualizes data in comprehensive graphs.

Using Social Links, an Open Source, Social Media and DarkNet intelligence plugin for Maltego, this task can be completed in just several clicks.

But there is one specific feature. By default, Maltego platform uses a 2 minutes time limit to process any search request (transforms). The user can change this parameter, but unfortunately, Social Links can't see the user's settings and therefore all the transforms work within 2 minutes timeout.

To solve this problem and to provide for our users possibility for gathering large scale data from social networks we have developed a scope of Delayed search methods (transforms) for Maltego. They allow gathering and visualizing any number of followers, friends or Facebook posts — 10K, 20K, and more — into a comprehensive graph.



Imagine you're looking for a Facebook profile with a generic name like John Smith. It's such a common name that in two minutes - Maltego's standard search timeout - you won't even be able to gather all the John Smiths on Facebook. So there are two transforms available for entity [Search Users]: the standard [Facebook] Search Users with 2 minutes timeout limit, and transform [Facebook] Search Users (up to 60 mins) which is the Delayed search method that works for up to 60 minutes and gathers a lot more search results then standard.
Please note that delayed transform can be used from "Sand clock" only!!!
At our website - page Transforms list - you can use quick search option and check all «Delayed» transforms available at this moment.




Please see below screenshots for better understanding.
Transform [Facebook] Search Users (Up to 60 mins) from Entity [Search person]

[Facebook] Get Results (delayed) from Entity [Sand clock] from Entity [Facebook Media search] Or from other entities + transform [Convert User to Search Media by date]. Note: it is available for Photos/ Videos/ Stories.

[Facebook] Get User Posts (delayed) from Entity [Sand clock] when you run standard transform

[Facebook] Get User Posts.[Facebook] Group Members (delayed) from Entity [Sand clock] when you run standard transform [Facebook] Group Members. Note: available only for Facebook Open Group.
Transform [[Linkedin] Profile exists (delayed)] from Entity [Sand clock] when you run standard transform [Linkedin] Profile exists from Entity [Email].
Transform [[Twitter] Advanced Search (delayed)] from Entity [Sand clock] when you run standard transform [[Twitter] Advanced Search] from Entity [[Twitter] Advanced Search].
Properties for Entity [[Twitter] Advanced Search]:
A search by keyword for Facebook photos, stories, and posts will definitely yield more results than the standard transforms
Also you can see useful videos at our Youtube channel
On the graph below, you can see a comparison of search results for John Smith via the standard and Delayed transforms. The Sand clock (slide 2) means that Social Links is gathering John Smiths on Facebook for you: over the next 60 minutes, check the search results by running a single transform from the 'Sand Clock' entity. If the search results are ready, you'll see them in the graph. If not all results - you will see quantity of current results in note text.You can keep working with Maltego while the search is running.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to have a quick product tour. We would be delighted to answer your questions and schedule a demonstration at your convenience.