Monitor a Social Media Profile with Gamayun



This function has been implemented in beta mode and does not yet operate with its full functionality. As it stands, you can track changes in the profile information category (avatar, name, place of work, education, etc.) from all social media entities, however the social graph category (added friends, removed friends, subscriptions, etc.) is currently limited to Facebook profiles only.
We are excited to bring an all-new feature to our Gamayun solution which will significantly simplify work processes for users of the product as well as our partner investigation visualization products Maltego and IBM i2.
To ensure the accuracy and productivity of cases and give fresh methods and approaches to elevate future investigations, we have equipped Gamayun with a new functionality:
Currently being implemented at the beta stage, this new tool enables the user to continually track the profile of a LinkedIn account for instance, without being required to repeatedly check the profile in question. You simply set the frequency parameter and receive updates at the chosen interval.
Monitoring for social media profiles and messengers

Key features

By uploading and saving changes in CSV format, all changes can be applied to your ongoing cases and exported as PDF reports
Monitor profile changes such as work, residence, relationship status etc. the moment they occur by setting the check frequency parameter: once every 12 hours / day / week / month
Receive prompt email notifications when the profile undergoes a change as well as in the program interface: Gamayun, Maltego, IBM i2

How it works

From 25 to 75 SLP will be deducted for each monitoring session applied. If you have an insufficient amount of SLPs on your balance you will be notified and given the option to top up. N.B. Your SLP balance can be topped up at any time from within the Gamayun interface.
Shorter durations will bring more regular updates but cost more so the parameters can be set in accordance with how quickly you need to be informed.
You can also specify monitoring categories to focus on the updates of primary interest and save SLPs. Monitoring options can be found in 'settings' and include: changes in profile information (Avatar, Name, Place of work, education, etc.); and changes to the subject's social graph (friended or unfriended profiles, followers, followings etc.)

Feature requirements

A registered Gamayun account
A target profile for monitoring
A balance of at least 100 SLP

Available now through
the Base plan subscription!

Gamayun is available in four different tariffs:

99$ / MONTH

Monthly package 3000 SLP
Individuals discovery by name, email, phone, alias and photo
Find and explore connections (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram)
Map view
An ideal plan for regular and deep investigations. More SLPs for more cases and extended research.
Export report to PDF


Monthly package CUSTOM
All LIGHT and BASE features
View activity of target individual. Monitoring in social networks
Discover individuals by Event
Customize and automate your investigations. The best decision for frequent research and collaborative work.
Dedicated support


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