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At Social Links, we continually strive to develop OSINT solutions which serve the needs of the user, facilitating workflow and helping to accomplish tasks. This idea has been the main driving force in our development of advanced tools for DATA ANALSIS, VISUALIZATION and INTERPRETATION, which define the Social Links product line.
To keep our solutions at the forefront of the industry, we are constantly looking for OSINT specialists to inform our product development, and at the moment one of our central focuses is our entirely web-based solution: Gamayun. While being our youngest product, Gamayun is gathering more and more momentum as we shape it towards becoming an essential OSINT tool.
In the four months since the product's launch we have streamlined searching, expanded databases, and implemented new visualization. We are now reaching out to early adopters to become product mentors and help in the best direction.


Gamayun mentors will gain a unique opportunity to be involved in software development, receiving a number of benefits including:
Full use of new functions pre-release and participation in product testing
Access to partner products and opportunity to work with a unique feature set
Priority observation and suggestion processing
Implementation of methods and sources based on mentor's priority lists
Join an expert group and R&D department, strong community formation
Direct involvement with product development
A personalized tariff plan and SLP discount
And more

Product roadmap

To get an idea of where we are now in the solution's development, you can view the product road map here
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