Also, you'll get ability to use transforms To Alias [Convert], To Location [Convert],
To Person [Convert] etc.
To search by company name, select the entity Company and run the transforms you need.
To search for information about the offshore – first, use the transform Search Offshores and only if will be found the results, you can use transforms: From Company To Offshore Links, From Location To Offshore Links and From Entity To Offshore Links.
To Search via Search Engines, or for custom results of Social Networks Search:
If you need information on the tags, use the appropriate entity:
To search by first and last name, select the entity person.
If you know one of the pages of the social network of your rights, select the appropriate entity and fill in the Id or Alias.

IMPORTANT: For all transformswith social networks, this field must be filled in. So, if you do not have these data, but only the name -start from Person Entity. Here is an example for Facebook:
To start search you should have any information about the object of interest. If you only know the email address, start your search with this.
The best way to start your search, if you only know the user name (Alias).
To get basic information from account, run the transform To {Social Network} Details [from {Social Network} Id or Alias]. This will populate key fields in the primary entity and will create additional, such as place of work, study, accounts from other social networks [Note, that this is very powerful transform. Try to use it everytime you got search results from any social networks].
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