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Enhancing Cybercrime Investigations with OSINT and Link Analysis

The solutions provided by these two companies have been specifically developed to enhance investigative work, and bureaus around the world have subsequently come to depend on them to bring cases to successful conclusions.
The OSINT industry has expanded in accordance with the explosive growth of online connectivity, and has proved itself to be an indispensable aspect of contemporary criminal investigations. Within this landscape, two platforms that have gained a global usership among law enforcement agencies (LEAs) are Maltego and Social Links.
Through the integration of Social Links' flagship product SL Pro with Maltego, LEAs are able to draw upon and correlate between rich data sources from social media to the Dark Web. Realizing that our clients need guidance in how to take full advantage of these capabilities, Maltego and Social Links have teamed up to deliver a webinar on some effective approaches to achieving investigative objectives.
Duration: 90 mins
SEPTEMBER 21, 2021
for law enforcement only

The webinar topics

How to map a subject's online connections and behavior in a way that is comprehensible and easy to analyze
How to extract a wide range of data from the recesses of the Dark Web to enhance your investigations
How to explore less mainstream data sources with Social Links' Identity Search Engine and take advantage of an advanced AI-driven image recognition tool
Digital Footprinting
Dark Web Investigation
SL ISE and Facial Recognition

the speakers


Cyber Security SME at Maltego with more than eleven years experience in the Cyber Security field, specializing in risk management and threat analysis, and is known for creative solutions that stem from his expert technical knowledge

Social Links Presales manager and an OSINT Analyst, specializing in social media, darknet, cryptocurrency investigations
Maltego is a comprehensive tool for graphical link analyses offering real-time data mining and information gathering from dispersed sources. Information is automatically merged and matched while being intuitively displayed in graphs so that data landscapes can be easily explored and analyzed.
Social Links is a software developer dedicated to creating cutting-edge open-source intelligence tools for conducting online investigations used by the leading law enforcement units, security specialists and enterprises all over the globe
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