Enrich Digital Forensics Data

with OSINT

Employ OSINT in digital forensics to enhance hardware data, develop detailed digital footprints, identify key actors, restore historical activities, and find multiple connections 

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Enrich Digital Forensics Data

with OSINT

Employ OSINT in digital forensics to enhance hardware data, develop detailed digital footprints, identify key actors, restore historical activities, and find multiple connections 

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the Forensic Reach

Achieve unmatched accuracy and efficiency in your Cyber Threat Intelligence with our cutting-edge methods packed with the latest ML models!

Mobile devices and wearables

Computer hard drives

Thumb drives

By employing OSINT tools, forensic analysts can greatly expand on the hardware-derived data so that it includes:

Photo, audio and video content
Social media presence
and networks
Search histories
Information from 3rd party servers (sports apps, streaming services, etc.)

Common Challenges

The Limits of ‘Traditional’ Forensics

While some private data is still stored on-premises as ‘hard’ copies, or offline backups, the vast majority resides on the cloud. Offline data extracted from devices may only represent the tip of the iceberg.

Data Reliability

Extracted data has to be proven reliable and comprehensible if it is to be accepted in court. Sometimes, it can be extremely difficult to present data as a coherent picture of a subject’s actions. 


With masses of data stored both online and on hardware devices, analysts can no longer gather, filter, and analyze information manually.

Lengthy Procedures
and Time Constraints

While malicious outlets such as social media profiles can be identified, the real-world actor behind the campaigns often remains hidden in anonymity

innovative &
Efficient solutions

Achieve unmatched accuracy and efficiency in your background checks with our cutting-edge methods packed with the latest AI models

Data Enrichment


Reverse search the subject’s email address, telephone number, social media profiles, subscriptions, and much more. For example, a telephone number can be extracted from a Telegram account, or an email address from a Skype account, etc. This can be essential for verifying existing data and finding new sources.

Photo and Video Metadata Extraction

Get geocodes and the time and date of media creation to establish when and where the content was created.

Automated Textual Analysis


Utilize machine-learning algorithms to categorize large quantities of text by subject matter and sentiment, and summarize textual blocks for quick content assessment. For instance, with NLP modules, blogs and social media profiles can be swiftly checked for red flags, such as aggressive language, radical views, etc.

Link Analysis and Pattern Visualization


Unearth extremely subtle links between a wide variety of data points, and view information structures globally through pattern manipulation. If numerous entities have been extracted from a source (e.g., blog posts or photos from social media), links can automatically be established between the data points.

Darknet Analysis


Monitor darknet forums and breach databases, and use SLDB to uncover the actors behind anonymous profiles. Link PGP keys from darknet activities to accounts on the Surface Web such as email addresses.

Social Media Intelligence with Facial Recognition


Utilize advanced AI algorithms to conduct searches from a single image input start. Through biometrics data matching, a person of interest can be reverse searched from an image across social media and beyond.


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Our cutting-edge capabilities go far beyond social media, offering an extensive array of sources to supercharge your investigations

Social Media
Search across all major platforms, find a subject’s educational background, work history, friends, subscribed groups, comments, likes, etc.
The Dark Web
Access to huge quantities of darknet data, including old content, spanning a wide variety of prominent sources.
Link phone numbers and email addresses to messenger accounts, and analyzethe contents of any open chat as well as the activity of its users.
Search through an exclusive set of 2000 public data sources containing 1bln identity data sets
Public Databases
Collect information from corporate registers, offshore leaks and checkwhether the subject is under sanction or on PEP lists
Intelligently analyze cryptocurrency blockchains and their related ecosystems toflag up any potentially dubious financial streams.



OSINT: A NEW FORCE FOR Law enforcement agencies

With its wide-ranging application, OSINT isn't always the easiest topic to get your head around. But in being well aware of how effective open-source intelligence can be, we consider it part of our duty to share this knowledge to help organizations achieve their goals.

In our latest whitepaper we focus on the sphere of national security. Packed with insights, trends, and authentic OSINT applications, we break down the many ways in which open-source intelligence can be harnessed to keep societies and nations safe.

This industry must-read tackles the crucial and wide-ranging topic of OSINT in law enforcement. Organized in four parts, the whitepaper covers the areas of digital forensics, social media investigations, deanonymization and crime-fighting in the digital underground. Finally, we discuss how open-source intelligence is making...

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