Social Links is a major driving force for the OSINT sphere, according to a 2023 Frost & Sullivan report on Open-Source Intelligence Solutions.

“With a versatile, highly scalable OSINT platform that can integrate with external and customers’ internal data sources, Social Links is able to provide a robust, single-pane-of-glass offering for investigators across the public and private sectors.”  

—Frost & Sullivan Analyst

the Frost Radar Report 

This Frost Radar study offers high-quality, illuminating research into the OSINT industry to determine its growth potential, and the key companies involved:

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A trustworthy source to get a good understanding of the current OSINT landscape, highlighting companies’ commitment to innovation and the ability to convert this into reliable business growth.
A detailed study looking at 13 of the OSINT industry’s leading providers of wide-reaching and versatile solutions—those that can aggregate data from a comprehensive range of sources and functions. 
An analytical look at Social Links through various viewfinders including the company’s product line, features, applications, customer approach, and development outlook.
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