What is Social Links?
Social Links is software vendor that develops tools for collecting and analyzing data in open sources on the internet in general and in social networks in particular using so-called OSINT tools. They allow users to answer questions such as «Who is this person (or company)», «With whom is it associated and how exactly does it do so?»
What functionality do Social Links products provide?
Social Links products allow users to search, collect and analyze data in open sources, anything from social media and the dark web to leaked databases and blockchains. The platform provides access to over 700 search methods in over 50 sources and is used by some of the leading investigation agencies around the world.
What cases can users solve with your products?
Social Links products are used to successfully solve problems in a variety of business areas, including finding people and establishing connections between individuals, uncovering profiles, events and companies, screening employees and counterparties, finding leaks, and conducting investigations. The company's products allow users to effectively extract and analyze information from open sources, as well as connect proprietary sources.
What types of products do you have?
Social Links releases and supports the following products:

  • SL BOX – a boxed private solution that is deployed in the client's infrastructure.
  • SL PRO – an add-on for Maltego that allows users to use search methods within the program.
  • SL CE – a free add-on for Maltego with limited functionality.
  • Gamayun – an internet service that allows users to use online investigation methods via a convenient and simple interface.
What is Maltego?
Maltego is software used for open-source intelligence and forensics. It was developed by Paterva from Pretoria, South Africa. Maltego focuses on providing a library of transforms for discovery of data from open sources, and visualizing that information in a graph format, suitable for link analysis and data mining.
Is it private?
Your investigations are private and anonymous - what users search for cannot be seen by anyone but the users themselves. The system is built so that even we cannot know what our users are looking for. Social Links products have an ISAE 3000 Type 1 standard certification.
How relevant is the information in the search results?
More than 90% of searches are gathered live. We query the source directly after users run a transform so the retrieved information is up to date. This is key for investigators is that they need the latest data that they can later export to save for future reference.
What sources is the information available from?
Social Links products receive data from dozens of sources and the list is constantly being updated. These are all of the world's social networks, unique content aggregators like Github, Userstube, Pinterest, Wikileaks, Ebay, popular instant messengers, databases of cryptocurrency users, dating services, torrents, etc. More than thirty Darknet forums and marketplaces, 7 Tb of our own Social Links databases, and other resources are available for search. The API connects to external services, including Pipl, Shodan, ZoomEye and others.
Can I add my sources and work with them?
Users of Social Links BOX can integrate any of their own sources on their own, or with the help of our specialists. Social Links PRO users have the opportunity to contact customer service with a request to add new sources that they require.
Is there a training program?
The partners of Social Links include some of the leading European OSINT trainers like Leonida Reitano and Joern Weber. Social Links products also offer detailed tutorials, recordings of webinars and case studies, allowing users to independently understand the functionality of the software.
Is your service legal?
Yes. Everything Social Links products do is completely legal. None of the source material is secret or obtained in secret. It is all available publically, so this means all we are doing is gathering this information and not breaking into any data sources.
What is the price of your products?
The organization of OSINT investigations is an individual process for each organization. Customers' needs differ greatly, which is why Social Links practices flexible, individual pricing. Contact the sales team for a quote.
Is there a free or trial period?
Social Links PRO trial key can be requested from our sales team. Also, there is a free and limited Social Links CE plugin that can be installed from Maltego transforms hub.
Is there support for the products?
Yes, technical support is available for the owners of all commercial products. Contacts can be found on our website.
Where is your company located?
Social Links has its headquarters based in New York, United States.