• How to conduct investigations and analysis in a blockchains like Ethereum, Bitcoin, EOS and more
  • How to analyze the movement of funds using Maltego, Social Links and BitQuery
  • How to investigate fraudulent transactions on the blockchain
  • How to identify the users of anonymous cryptocurrencies and social accounts related to addresses

Social Links is delighted to announce the organization of the Analysing cryptocurrencies and Investigating blockchains webinar in partnership with the BitQuery platform.

This webinar will be dedicated to the mechanisms and functionality related to the analysis of cryptocurrencies and blockchains using the Social Links platform and its integration with the BitQuery platform. Tim Steel, Social Links Customer Success Manager, and Aleksey Studnev, the founder of, will be demonstrating the capabilities of the instruments used to identify transactions and cryptocurrency users. The webinar will be held on October 22 at 4PM UTC, 2020.

During the course of the webinar, the presenters will be providing detailed demonstrations of the step-by-step process of a real-life use case using the example of the hacking of the UPBIT exchange, during which $3,2 million were laundered.

This webinar will be of interest to specialists engaged in due diligence, financial analysis and AML processes, cryptocurrency analysts, as well as criminal investigators exploring crimes related to digital assets.


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and software developer

Aleksey Studnev is the creator of a suite of software tools for parsing and analyzing blockchain networks. He founded as a startup that is currently attracting the attention of a growing number of clients and commercial success. Prior to founding BitQuery, Aleksey worked on senior technical positions in several software companies, developing ad-tech, telecom and enterprise systems.