The new WhoisXML API transforms that have been added by the SocialLinks development team allow visualizing data obtained via WhoisXML API. Be it contact details of a user who registered a particular domain years ago, or geographic coordinates of a We all remember that fascinating case about the AlphaBay darknet market and its eventual takedown. Law enforcement agencies had struggled to find the people behind it and all it took was just a tiny mistake in leaving a personal e-mail visible online, that helped police to identify the whole owner of the site. Investigators are always looking for this one little piece of information that suddenly appears, seemingly out of no-where. It gives a new direction to the case and often helps to solve it. Nobody (and no criminal) is perfect, traces and marks are always left behind.

The other important aspect in today's investigations is link analysis. Here, the first step should be finding a second piece of information using the first one as starting point. Typically, investigators refuse to look for the "second piece" in the darknet because of many reasons: you need to have an account, you need to have a personal invitation to the source, there are many sources and it is not clear which one needs to be checked and so on. It is true, one can effectively use the darknet if you know about the sources of information there and you know how to reach them. Just because the darknet is a difficult place to investigate does not mean you should not exclude it from your workflow.

Social Links has simplified and accelerated information gathering from the darknet, as well as built connectors between the clearet and the darknet. During this webinar we will show you possible workflows in the darknet and give examples of methods on how to get the data from it in a fast and efficient way.

During the second webinar Anastasia will host Mr. Jorn Weber as an invited expert. Mr. Weber has 40+ years of experience in Digital Investigations, Forensics, etc. with 20 of them during his time as a German law enforcement officer.

During the webinar Mr. Weber will share his experience on solving cases with Maltego and Social Links where darknet research is required. The cases are:

What to do if you have only PGP-key?
Starting with e-mail, gathering information in Socials, but also checking the darknet
From darknet to the light: what crucial information that can help your investigation can be left by user "by mistake"? who visited a website from a particular IP-address, the new transforms allow revealing vast amounts of information and presenting it in an understandable and visual fashion.



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