Social Links is happy to announce a new webinar on advanced tools and methods for conducting cryptocurrency investigations.

In collaboration with our event partner BLIN Analytics, an agency specializing in tracking illicit crypto assets through mixers, we will be demonstrating the opportunities of blockchain investigations using Social Links' SL PRO for Maltego and the BLIN Analytics' bGraph platform.

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case 1

Presented by Igor Data,
CEO of BLIN Analytics

Gaining a detailed picture of mixers using the bGraph analytical platform to map traces of hacked assets through data patterns and grouped transactions. This case study will demonstrate how to establish leads for further intelligence and uncover the full transactional structures of money laundering systems relating to stolen crypto assets.

case 2

Presented by Ivan Kravtsov, Social Links OSINT analyst specializing in social media, darknet, and cryptocurrency investigations

Using advanced search methods within SL PRO for Maltego to analyze blockchain data such as addresses and transactions, as well as their online reception – malicious addresses tend to appear in scam reports, existing investigations, and Social Media discussions within the crypto community. This case will uncover the activities of a controversial address connected with a BitFinex hack, which had a BTC balance worth $430 mln dollars.


With criminal funding and illicit deals commonly being transacted over the Dark Web with cryptocurrencies, LEAs, intelligence bureaus, and governmental bodies require new analytical tools to monitor such activity. While bitcoin and other cryptos are largely considered anonymous, by exploring blockchains intelligently, transactions can actually be linked to user addresses.

Since funds gained through such channels naturally raise suspicion, the laundering process is essential for criminals to legitimize their proceeds. In the case of cryptos, this is achieved through special services called 'mixers' which shuffle assets and obscure their origin, making it almost impossible for investigators to trace illicit transactions.

Almost. By applying advanced tools and solutions based on data analysis and visualization, authorities can combat money laundering and mitigate financial risks.


Based in Amsterdam, Social Links is an international software developer of OSINT (Open-source intelligence) solutions, empowering investigators and security professionals with ground-breaking AI-powered products.

We assemble and analyze vast amounts of data from open sources across social media, Blockchains, and the Dark Web, to visualize a holistic picture for data-driven decision-making and investigations.

Our customers include companies from the S&P 500 and Law Enforcement agencies from 50+ countries across the globe.


BLIN Analytics is a Switzerland-based IT company and developer of bGraph – a service for automating graph visualizations of blockchain transactions, designed for investigation and crypto-asset tracking.