sl Private Platform

An enterprise-grade on-premise platform with customization options, private data storage, and our widest range of search methods
Osint intro by social links
Osint intro by social links

Osint solution for government and enterprises

The on-premise powerhouse

Installed into your IT infrastructure, SL Private Platform combines native information with open data from our most expansive array of sources, bringing a huge depth and breadth to investigations while keeping all work strictly private and secure


With all online search requests sent in real time via a proxy subnetwork, you can rest assured that all data is up-to-date while the system remains totally secure


Data Integration and aggregation

In combining the full Social Links search arsenal with internal databases and libraries of third party tools, SL Private Platform offers an immense scope for investigations. Multiple cross-checks, superior verification, and mutual enrichment between OSINT and sensitive in-house data delivers results of extraordinary accuracy and detail


Bespoke methods
If the client requires search methods which are not included in the existing package, Social Links can develop all-new transforms from scratch to especially support particular business needs or investigation areas
AI/ML development
Advanced ML-based search models can be specifically developed within the Social Links R&D division in accordance with the needs and objectives of the organization
SL Private Platform can be set up and configured to meet your specific requirements
SL Private Platform's is seamlessly integrated around your existing products and infrastructure, perfectly coordinating with the company's existing internal systems and processes
Subject monitoring

Use cases

Background check
Dark web investigation
Covert activities
Decentralized group detection
Anti-money-laundering in crypto
Sentiment analysis and riot control
Misinformation prevention
National cybersecurity
Critical infrastructure security


cyberattack investigations
competitor intelligence

SL Private Platform
and SL Professional comparison

With its wide-ranging application, OSINT isn't always the easiest topic to get your head around. But in being well aware of how effective open-source intelligence can be, we consider it part of our duty to share this knowledge to help organizations achieve their goals.

In our latest whitepaper we focus on the sphere of national security. Packed with insights, trends, and authentic OSINT applications, we break down the many ways in which open-source intelligence can be harnessed to keep societies and nations safe.


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Store your data privately once it
is obtained and never lose it

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