Elevating OSINT with

Social Media

and Messengers

October 11, 1pm UTC

This webinar dives into some key techniques for elevating investigations. We’ll be exploring the most effective methods for extracting and analyzing data from two essential and rich data sources—social media and messenger platforms.

So, join us on October 11, at 1pm UTC for the free webinar: Elevating OSINT with Social Media and Messengers.

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webinar agenda

Gary Ruddell


Cyber Threat

Intelligence Professional

Gary is a Cyber Threat Intelligence professional operating at the front lines of cyberspace for systemically important organisations. He's a veteran of the Royal Navy and Army Intelligence. He creates content on the topics of cybersecurity and intelligence.

PArt one: Gary Ruddell

Learn about some of the major challenges in cybersecurity, and how they can be addressed with OSINT.

Key OSINT Techniques for Social Media

Discover techniques for identifying connections between individuals and groups on networking platforms, and building a full digital footprint around a given subject.

Key OSINT Techniques for Messengers

See how to probe popular messaging apps for valuable insights, and supplement findings with social media analysis to map out ties between individuals and groups.  


OSINT Analyst

at Social Links

PArt two: Ivan kravtsov
Deanonymization and Facial Recognition

Learn how to deanonymize users through social media data, facial recognition tools, and metadata analysis.

Case Studies

A showcase of various successful OSINT investigations across social networks and messengers.


Your chance to ask any questions you have about conducting investigations with open data.