The Social Links team has always tried to stay outside of politics. However, now we feel it is especially important for us to express our position – we cannot stay neutral.

We are totally opposed to all forms of aggression and violence, which by definition extends to any war or military action, regardless of the countries and nationalities involved.

In believing that every nation and country deserves to live in peace and independently determine their own development, we condemn Russian military actions in the territory of Ukraine.

When we established Social Links, our mission was to restore trust in data for a safer and more open world. This has always been our main priority and will always be so for our multinational and multicultural team, who are united in their aim and dedication to reach this common goal.

By restoring trust in data, we can create a safer and more open world together.

Andrey Kulikov, CEO Social Links


At present we have HQ in Amsterdam and a branch in Russia. In the current situation, we have decided to urgently evacuate employees from the Russian Federation and Ukraine to the European Union. Since the end of 2021 we have been working on establishing our main legal entity in the US, and relocating our IP and key team there.

We categorically declare that Social Links has never provided software or services to any of the Russian governmental bodies
since the company's incorporation in 2015. We are a privately held international company and our employees comprise citizens
from The Netherlands, Israel, Finland, Russia, Ukraine, and The USA. Furthermore, one of the company founders is from Ukraine.

Our services and entire infrastructure is located in Europe (Finland, France, Germany and The Netherlands), and we are developing our business with a focus on the EU and US markets.

Over 600 companies from the S&P 500 and LEAs from more than 50 countries around the globe rely on our solutions. We work with more than 50% of the law enforcement agencies based in the EU, many
of whom have already performed investigative due diligence on us.

We are fully transparent and we will publish all the news on LinkedIn. Follow us.
No. We are not subject to sanctions in any capacity at all. Neither the company, nor its branches, founders, management, or employees are under US/CA/EU sanction. Our business operates outside the political sphere and is totally unconnected with political issues.
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